>Charlottefield – How Long Are You Staying [2005]



1.Nine Tails
2. A >> B
3. Again
4. Clipper
5. How Long
6. The Eleventh Day
7. Paper Dart

Fajna kapela z Brighton, która chyba nie zdobyła jakiejkolwiek popularności. Więcej info poniżej.

„Charlottefield were a band between the last days of 1999 and the spring of 2008. Initially hooking up with FatCat in 2001, the ‚field released most of their material through the label in one form or another, while also working with Jonson family, Unlabel and Noisestar. During their lifetime Charlottefield (Chris Butler – bass since 2003; James Dennet – bass until 2003; Adam Hansford – guitar; Thomas House- guitar and vocals; Ashley Marlowe – drums) played all round the UK and covered a fair bit of western Europe too, sharing stages with contemporaries such as Headquarters, I’m Being Good, Cat On Form and Paper Cut-Out as well as with some bigger names who threw the odd bone (British Seapower, The Go! Team), labelmates the Animal Collective and Giddy Motors and international luminaries such as Battles (USA), Noxagt (Norway), Circle (Finland) and Picore (Spain). In January 2008 the Charlottefield released their definitive work ‚What Are Friends For’, before embarking on a three-week tour of Europe that March and, sadly, dissolving in May, certain members of the band feeling that it was time to do something else. One final, world-weary LP, ‚Make It Easy on Yourself’ (recorded live one morning in February just before the final tour) awaits posthumous release. All members of the band remain musically active. All members of the band remain, for what it’s worth, in touch.[źródło: fat-cat.co.uk]


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